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485 LEXINGTON AVENUE Building Specifications
Owner / Manager:

Year Built:
SL Green Realty Corp.
Entire east side block, Lexington Avenue
between 46th Street & 47th Street
Emery Roth & Sons
Building Size:
Building Height:
Floors 2-4:
Floors 5-11:
Floors 12-19:
Floors 20-31:
Floor 32:



Ceiling Height:
Column Spacing:


Electric Capacity:


Life Safety:

925,364 rentable square feet
32 floors, plus basement and mezzanine.
10,798 rentable square feet
54,199-55,632 rentable square feet
44,493-44,545 rentable square feet
26,250-38,651 rentable square feet
13,478-14,383 rentable square feet
8,811 rentable square feet
Two-story lobby atrium featuring dramatically-lit white glass panel system. White marble floors with granite-clad security desk.
Conventional reinforced concrete foundation system
with steel columns and beams.
Single-paned tinted glass vision panels with black-colored
opaque spandrel panels. New windows installed.
11'2" - 11'4
Typical column bays of 19’ x 19’
Lobby attended 24/7. Turnstiles for authorized employees
located at elevator vestibules. Access via electronic ID cards.
Camera surveillance covers lobby, elevators, loading dock,
entranceways and other public areas. Messenger center
and attended loading dock.
17 passenger elevators, two manually-operated service
elevators and one loading dock elevator.
Six 5000 amp services fused at 4000amp. Six watts per foot available for tenant use. Separate electrical closets located
on each floor.
Location available for tenant back-up generator.
Four 4” conduits provide Verizon service to all floors.
Hours of service: M-F 8am-8pm & Sat. 8am-1pm.
Air conditioning provided by two 1,100-ton York steam
turbine chillers. There are also two new supplemental 250-ton
York steam absorption chillers and a new central cooling tower. Fresh air is provided by air-handling units on each floor.
Pyrotronics MXL Class-E system. Building fully sprinklered. Emergency generator backs up all life safety systems.
Two-level 100-car garage located in building.
Easy access to all transportation including
Grand Central Terminal and subway hub.